Growing tourism potential: Alabama visitor spending doubles after decade

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Alabama’s allure is growing, at least when it comes to people visiting and spending their money in the state.

Visitors to Alabama spent a record $22.4 billion in 2022, more than double the $10.6 billion spent in 2012, and this year’s spending will likely be even more.

The 2022 figure represents more than 28.6 million visitors, up 400,000 from the year before. Of those, more than 70% spent at least one night in Baldwin, Jefferson, Madison, Mobile or Montgomery counties.

Nearly 240,000 jobs in Alabama are based in the tourism and hospitality industries, according to state tourism advisory board chair Judy Ryals.

Travel is great for Alabama’s economy, as 75% of the 4% state lodging tax paid by hotel guests goes into the state’s General Fund.

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