Cassandra And Cj

It’s every family’s worst nightmare to lose not one, but two loved ones. That is reality for the Fosters as they say goodbye to two of their own.

“I just don’t get it. I just don’t get it,” said Martha Dunn.

Her 7-year-old son C.J. and his aunt, 37-year-old Cassandra Foster died inside their mobile home during a fire Sunday night.

“My husband opened the door and saw flames but it was too late. They were gone then,” Dunn said.

Although Cassandra Foster was C.J.’s aunt, she raised him. Family members said the two had an indescribable connection.

“They had a special bond,” Cassandra Foster’s sister Jonikka Foster said. “He loved her.”

C.J. had autism and, according to his family, was the absolute light of their lives.

“He was a sweet child,” Jonikka Foster said. “He was a very smart child for his age. To be born with a problem like he was born with, he was a very smart baby.”

Cassandra Foster’s sister Amanda Foster was expecting a visit from her and C.J. in the upcoming days. Amanda Foster recalled the last time she spoke to her sister on the phone.

“I heard my nephew in the background. ‘She’s braiding my hair. T. We are coming,’” Amanda Foster said. “I never got a chance to see her.”

With the holidays coming up and C.J.’s eighth birthday at the end of the month, the Fosters are vowing to still celebrate their loved ones who will not be there.

“I am going to remember him and a little boy who loved wrestling,” Jonikka Foster said. “I am going to remember her as the one who always wanted to throw a party and invite everyone. They will be both be missed.”

Cassandra Foster’s mobile home on Stevenson Drive off of Highway 25 in Greensboro is a total loss. Fire officials believe the fatal blaze may have started from a space heater. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, however.

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