Originally Reported by WVUA 23 Sports Reporter, Rhea Thornton.

Coaches do a lot more than just coach, They teach, mentor and often serve as parental figures. Few have done all of that better than Greensboro’s Xavian Evans, who is retiring at the end of the current school year.

Fifteen years ago, Greensboro did not have a middle school track team, leaving its high school program with few athletes interested and even fewer with experience. That all changed after Evans decided to take on the responsibility of creating a dominant track program.

“I coached junior high basketball and I had 15 boys and I asked them during the season to run track for me and they didn’t want to run so I told them if they didn’t like it they didn’t have to run track anymore,” Evans said. “They loved it. From there, I built this program from junior high.”

In recent years, the program peaked. The Raiders have gone on to win four state championships in the last eight years, including one this past year. Evans attributed his coaching success to his childhood motivator.

“I had a high school football coach who always gave us life lessons and I found myself wanting to get on one knee and listen to what he had to say,” Evans said, “The light came on and I said “wow. What a great tool coaching is to reach kids.”

Coach Evans is not only known as the successful Track and Field coach for Greensboro, but he is also the Athletic Director and a physical education teacher. However, his busy life and heavy involvement in Greensboro is coming to an end when the school bell rings for summer. Evans is retiring but he is happy to leave with yet another state championship ring.

“It was icing on the cake to have pulled it out at the same time so it was very thrilling,” Evans said.

A track program built from the ground up, four state championships, and a lasting impression on hundreds of young athletes. That’s what Coach Evans can hang his hat, and whistle, on.

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