Greensboro schools reopen after illness causes them to close

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Gracie Johnson

Greensboro Elementary, Middle and High Schools reopened Monday, Oct. 31, after the entire school system was shut down due to sickness.  The schools did not meet in person Friday, Oct. 28, due to a high number student absences.

During the week, the schools reached nearly 26% of students absent with flu-like symptoms.

“We had to do something in the Greensboro community because we had too many students checking out of school. So we shut those schools down because you know all of the students that are affected in the elementary school ride the same bus with the students at the middle school and high school. So we’re trying to cut back on that,” said Michael Ryans, Hale County School System superintendent.

Greensboro schools were not the only schools in Hale County that were dealing with the same issue.

Ryans said Moundville schools got as high as nearly 20% of absences due to sickness during the week. As of Friday it was down to 13%.

Closing Greensboro schools was only the first step in keeping their students healthy. Ryans said they have the opportunity to bring back some of the regulations they had during the COVID-19 pandemic but not as strictly.

“When we were dealing with COVID we were on-point, but sometimes you know when you didn’t see those cases anymore, you kind of ease your procedures so now we are going to go back and strengthen them again to make sure we are treating everything like we did in the past,” said Ryans. “We still have the supplies, we still distribute them, we still have masks available but we get lax, so other things happen to make sure you get back on-point with where you were.”

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