Greensboro Police: Gang violence a growing problem

The Greensboro Police Department is asking for the community’s help in their fight against gang violence.

Greensboro Police Chief Willie Lewis said gang violence is an ongoing problem and it’s going to take the entire community to help fix the issue.

“It’s just gonna take a community effort as far as people coming together, speaking about what they see and what they hear. Most of the time a lot of people are afraid to speak and we are just trying to get people aware of what’s going on in their communities,” said Lewis.

It’s not just law enforcement that’s concerned with the violence, residents of Hale County also notice the problems and want change.

“They need to have the parents to be a parents, to be honest with you,” said Greensboro resident Joseph Turner.

Lewis said the issue started about three years ago and has gotten worse over time with teenagers and young adults.

Hale County Sheriff Michael Hamilton said he’s noted the same issue.

“We have just a young group of guys that I say just have too much time on their hands,” said Hamilton. “They get out here and commit these crimes and little do they know they are actually ruining their lives.”

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