Greenetrack celebrates return of machine gaming as lawsuit looms

EUTAW – Greenetrack celebrated the return of electronic gambling machines at its facility Friday night after a monthlong absence. Customers eagerly lined up ahead of the opening, excited about getting a firsthand look at the new machines.

Greenetrack owner Luther Winn stopped offering electronic bingo in early September after the company was ordered by the Alabama Supreme Court to pay $76 million in back taxes.

The Alabama Supreme Court defines bingo as the traditional game in which players listen for numbers called out at random and mark their cards. “Electronic bingo” machines do not meet that definition of traditional bingo.

“We are going through the reopening process because the attorney general of the state of Alabama does not recognize the people in Greene County and does not recognize the legislation that we passed in 1986 exempting Greenetrack from sales tax. So we had to convert to historical horse racing,” Winn said Friday.

Greenetrack is facing a lawsuit against the state of Alabama in a case similar to those recently overturned by the Alabama Supreme Court. In that case, a trio of organizations in Macon and Lowndes counties was ordered to end their use of electronic bingo machines within 60 days.

The state of Alabama does not allow for electronic bingo, even if a county within the state allows it, the Supreme Court said in its ruling.

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