Greene County schools require masks, have fewer kids out sick

Greene County Board Of Education

EUTAW – Flu cases are skyrocketing in Alabama and have already caused a high rate of student absentees. Greene County Schools is one of the only school systems in the state still requiring masks, and Greene County Superintendent Corey Jones said the mandate has created a level of comfort for everyone to know they have an extra layer of protection.

“As a continuation of caution with COVID and a byproduct of that is we are seeing fewer flu cases within the school district,” Jones said. “So it’s been beneficial to have masks still in place. We never really relaxed our mask ordinance since COVID.”

Eutaw Primary School does not currently have any teachers or faculty out with the flu. Principal Brittany Harris said they also have an extremely low student absentee rate.

“Within the state of Alabama, the flu cases are very prevalent right at these times now,” Harris said. “We have our mask mandate in place so all of our scholars and educators are expected to wear a mask at all times while on the premises of Eutaw Primary School.”

Harris and Jones said they do not see Greene County Schools dropping their mask mandate anytime soon.

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