Greene County Flooding

Story by WVUA 23’s Kinsley Centers.

<span style=”color: #000000; font-family: Times New Roman;”>Many homes in the Greene County area are still suffering from flooding. County Road 18 remains impassable and people who live in the area are forced to travel by boat to their home.</span>

<span style=”color: #000000; font-family: Times New Roman;”>Larry Watts, a resident of Greene County, has lived in the area for 61 years and said he has not seen flooding this severe in years.</span>

<span style=”color: #000000; font-family: Times New Roman;”>Watts is one of the many residents who have been flooded out of his home for the last five days. On Sunday, water began to enter his home which is now filled with more than a foot of water.  He said they had only 24 hours to brace their homes for the flood. He said he has lost almost everything due to the high waters but is thankful to have saved what he did.</span>

<span style=”color: #000000; font-family: Times New Roman;”>“Well [I] saved the pictures, the family pictures, stuff like that important papers, stuff like that you can’t replace, I got that out,” Watts said. “But it came up so fast, the ground was already saturated when we got this down here so the water had nowhere to go but up, and it came up real quick.”</span>

Ronnie Freeman, a homeowner in Greene County, has been flooded out of his home for ten days. He said he’s thankful water has not entered his home but feels for his neighbors that are suffering from indoor water damage.

“There are thousands of houses along the Tombigbee and Black Warrior River that people have had to evacuate and they have to go somewhere you know, and it’s pretty sad,” Freeman said.

Freeman said flooding like this is unusual for the area and hopes it will not rise more next week with the rain that is on its way.

Watts said times like this makes those who live on the river appreciate the brighter days.

“Living on the river is good but it’s got its good and its bad, right now it’s bad but summer is going to be good, so you just have to live with it,” Watts said.

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