Greene County residents concerned over GreeneTrack shutdown

Greenetrack 1

Greene County residents say they’re worried about future financial insecurities in the area after GreeneTrack in Eutaw shut down this week.

The electronic bingo and race betting facility has long been one of the county’s biggest employers, with nearly 100 workers. Those workers spend their money near where they work, meaning that money is gone for other local businesses, restaurants and service providers.

“GreeneTrack is a nice place and I think they should not close it because (there are) a lot of people who don’t have a job,” said Eutaw resident Ben Alfred Jr. “And that really is a big help to a lot of people around here in the community.”

GreeneTrack does more for Greene County than provide a place for residents and visitors to gamble their money away, as some of the electronic bingo proceeds are given out to local municipalities, law enforcement and first responders, schools and charities.

“People are gonna lose a lot of jobs and I think it’s gonna hurt the economy, to be honest,” said Eutaw resident Jamar Jordan. “They donate to a lot of charities, hospitals, school systems and all that. I think it’s going to hurt the economy here in Greene County.”

The surprise announcement came months after the Alabama Supreme Court ruled the facility owes the state more than $75 million in unpaid taxes. GreeneTrack CEO Luther Winn has not commented on a reason for the closure.

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