Greene County continues talks about how to fund ambulance services


It’s been an ongoing saga for months – how to fund the ambulance service in Greene County. In May, Greene County was on the brink of losing its ambulance service due to a lack of funding. Those worries were temporarily on hold thanks to donations from the community and many local organizations.

On Tuesday county and city officials met with the Director of EMS Services Chris Jones to discuss the financial needs of the Greene County EMS Services.

Greene County EMS Board Chairman Joe Powell stated the purpose of this meeting was to get elected officials and appointed officials together to support the EMS board.

“As you know in the past we have had problems with funding. We are still in need of funding for our EMS services so we can meet payroll and other obligations for the citizens here in Greene county,” said Powell.

Eutaw’s mayor Latasha Johnson said everyone has come a long way in support of the EMS services but they still need help to further offset monthly costs.

“The ideal solution is that we continue to work together. We reached out to the sheriff. We are also thinking about taxes. Most citizens don’t like the word ‘tax’ but we might need one to keep the EMS going,” said Johnson.

Director Jones wants to keep the service in Greene County, but needs the support from local municipalities to make that happen.

“We are in a lot better place but we still need help and we still got a little ways to be where we need to be, but we are on the track to do that, ” said Jones.

Jones said some of the financial troubles come from lack of staff that caused excessive overtime pay and higher than normal expenses.

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