Greene County Health System gets donation via bingo funds


Greene County Health System is getting a little financial help from a bingo-funded charity and a bingo establishment this month.

The T.S. Police Support League and Palace Bingo Live in Knoxville donated $5,000 to the system this week.

Police Support League President Shelia Smith said the organization supports Greene County by donating to places in need including schools and local municipalities.

“Because the hospital needs help and we are a charity, we have donated to the hospital several times,” said Smith.

According to the support league’s news release regarding the donation:

“This support is in addition to the monthly box fee proceeds subsidy which the GCHS receives from electronic bingo.

League President Sheila Smith said, “Without Amendment 743, the Greene County (Medical Center) would likely close. When we fight for Amendment 743, we are fighting for our community and its hospital and nursing home.”

GCHS closed its long-term care facility Sept. 28, 2022.

Amendment 743 requires bingo games for prizes or money be operated by a Greene County nonprofit and regulated by the Greene County sheriff.

The amendment also requires that bingo prizes not be more than $10,000 in cash or gifts during any one bingo session.

“We are a charity and we are doing what we are supposed to be doing,” Smith said. “We just hope that it continues.”

Smith said the organization also donated to the Greene County Emergency Management Service about two months ago.

That’s been a great help, said EMS Director Chris Jones.

“As far as the ambulance service goes, we are fully staffed,” Hones said. “We have got a lot more equipment than we ever had before, newer equipment as far as cardiac monitors and stuff like that.  The hospital, I know they just completed renovations on their imaging department as well as the back entrance to the hospital that recently opened back up.

Jones said the EMS has not yet seen any negative effect from the closure of Eutaw electronic facility GreeneTrack, which closed in January.

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