Greene County Golf Course vandalized. Yet again.

No, it’s not deja vu. Greene County Golf Course in Eutaw was vandalized once again. The last time WVUA 23 News visited the golf course was Thursday, May 25.

The next night, the vandals came back and caused even more damage.

“The last time there weren’t any carts for them to ride, so they got the mowers and rode them around and stole the key out of the green one,” said course manager Don Black. “We don’t think they damaged them, but they cut the locks off and just joy rode, I guess.”

Incidents like this began several weeks ago, but the course is far from back to normal: shed doors sit knocked off hinges, golf clubs litter the ground, useless locks are scattered everywhere. Black said there’s little point in making repairs when the vandals could be back any time.

“Until we see that we think we have them deterred, we are not going to fix anything right now,” he said.

WVUA 23 News on Tuesday caught up with a group of golfing regulars who were hitting the links.

One of their carts was nearly totaled, they said, and repairing it will cost thousands. The golfers said they have some advice for these below-par miscreants.

”I think they need to find them something to do to or make them do something that is productive to make reconciliation, ” course member George Poole said.

“I was always told don’t ever do anything that you would not do in front of your grandmother,” said Frank Stegall. “I think there is a conscience level that I hope is working. I hope they will somehow realize that what they have done is not fair is not right. I don’t know if anything will be resolved from this, but it is great. I would be nice if the people who did it could come back and fix it. That would be a solution to it I think, but I am not holding my breath.”

Black said he’s installing cameras around the course this week, and that he’s been told authorities have two persons of interest in their sights.

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