Green Pond Volunteer Fire Department Negotiating for More Emergency Calls

Vance Fire Department4 – Copy

By WVUA 23 Contributor Harrison Holland

The debate over Green Pond’s involvement in Tuscaloosa County emergency calls is still up for debate among the Tuscaloosa County Commission.

Both parties agreed to meet to negotiate franchise standards. Green Pond’s potential involvement would offer faster response times at the Bibb-Tuscaloosa county line, but that proposal was denied by the Tuscaloosa County Commission.

They have yet to make an agreement, but Green Pond’s ultimate objective is to supply extra help for local emergencies.

“We’re requesting to try to see what kind of agreement the commission can come up with us to put the citizens in the best position they can be in,” Green Pond’s Joseph Hall said.

Talks are ongoing, but no date of resolution has been made.

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