Green Pond Fire Department

There’s an ongoing debate between Tuscaloosa County, Bibb County’s E-911 and Green Pond Fire and Rescue units over coverage and response times.

Green Pond Fire and Rescue Lt. Cody Franklin said residents in those areas could be placed at risk because of long response times and a potential lack of ambulances without Green Pond’s help.

Franklin said Green Pond Fire and Rescue has been offering emergency medical transport services since February, while also providing assistance to AM-Serv and NorthStar EMS in areas within Tuscaloosa and Bibb counties.

According to Franklin, the Tuscaloosa County Commission issued the fire and rescue service a restraining order, forcing the department to cease their transportation services in Tuscaloosa County.

As of Friday, Bibb County E-911 has chosen not to dispatch Green Pond in their own territory if AM-Serv EMS has a unit on the north end of Bibb County.

Franklin said this squabbling is putting patients’ lives at risk.

“The five to seven minute response time that Green Pond Fire House had has now been elevated to anywhere upwards of 20 minutes to an hour for the first ambulance to arrive on the scene,” Franklin said.

The current situation means if someone two houses up from the fire station has a heart attack, they’d be forced to wait because Green Pond wouldn’t get the call, Franklin said.

Green Pond says they’re awaiting a court date to find out a final decision.

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