A conference geared toward empowering women is coming to the Bryant Conference Center on Saturday.

The Greatness Inside conference is being hosted by Excellent Way. It will focus on strengthening women physically, mentally and financially. Turning Point, a west Alabama organization that specializes in providing support to those who suffer from domestic violence and sexual assault, will be at the event to provide information on domestic violence and abuse.

<span lang=”en”>“I just want women to know that this is going to be a safe spot where they can come and become their most wonderful, excellent selves,” said Raytonya Hughes, the founder of Excellent Way.  “It doesn’t matter if you know me. It doesn’t matter if you know anyone else there, we’re going to be a bunch of girlfriends in the same room, and if we weren’t friends when you got there, we’ll be friends when you leave.”</span>

<span lang=”en”>The free conference is from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. and is open to the community.</span>

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