Tuscaloosa is not the only city where a dangerous pet predator escaped from its home.

In Pennsylvania, a great grandma spotted a cobra in her backyard garden. She was alerted to the reptile’s presence after nearby blue jays began squacking.

“I looked, said a bad word, it’s a cobra,” said Kathy Kehoe, who spotted the snake. “I knew right away.”

The gutsy great grandma took several pictures of the 4-5 foot venomous snake slithering on her patio but didn’t stop there.

She tracked the cobra into her yard and killed it with a garden tool.

Kehoe suspects the snake may have escaped an apartment in a neighboring building. In March, authorities removed 20 venomous snakes, including 12 cobras, from the nearby apartment.

“I was thinking it’d be contained to that building if something happened but look what we found today,” said Kehoe’s neighbor Jim Andrews.

Police could not confirm that the snake was connected to the apartment that was raided earlier this year.

Regardless, Kehoe’s neighbors are impressed with her ability to take down the cobra.

“She’s a badass,” neighbor Alise Kaplan said. “I don’t know if you can say that on tv but she’s a badass.”

As for the 15-foot python that is on the loose in Tuscaloosa, Druid City residents are encouraged not to do what Kehoe did. Instead of approaching the reptile, residents should call animal control (205) 248-5843.

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