Graduation is just over a week away at the University of Alabama and the question of what comes next can be very unnerving.

It’s common for people to feel stressed while searching for a job, no matter how prepared they are.

“It can be overwhelming to try to find a job in the field that you’ve chosen,” said Larry Deavers, a licensed independent clinical social worker. “The universities and colleges usually have some helpful resources that give some guidance and interview opportunities and resume building.”

There are some things that jobseekers should highlight on their resumes – no matter what position they are applying for – to stand out to future employers.

“Steady work history, good education is always a good thing, and good experience,” said Peyton Freeman, an industrial employment specialist from Express Employment Professionals.

Transitioning from the classroom to the workroom can be a very scary time, but there are always going to be things that new professionals can do to help manage that stress.

“Stay active,” Deavers said. “One of the worst things you can do is feel discouraged and unmotivated and kind of give into sitting on the couch and watching TV all day if you haven’t found your job yet.”

Deavers also said to try and do something everyday toward getting a job, but also take every opportunity to get out of the house and distract from the stress of the waiting game.

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