By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Sarah Macaluso

After months of rumor and speculation, Governor Bentley allegedly heard on tape, speaking to his Senior Political Adviser.

“I made Governor Bentley aware of the recording that I heard. I told Governor Bentley there was no need to try to explain it for anyhting other than it was. It was very obvious that it was sexual in nature,” says Former ALEA Secretary, Spencer Collier.

Collier, fired by the Governor on Tuesday after an internal investigation claiming misuse of state funds, but Collier denies this, claiming Bentley asked him to lie in a corruption case against House Speaker Mike Hubbard.

All that overshadowed by Governor Bentley’s denial and apology to his family and others, at an afternoon press conference, admitting to inappropriate comments but saying it stopped there.

Political experts agreeing with Collier’s claims that Mason has been the “defacto Governor” for years.

“The affair or relationship itself would not have made him irrelevant. The point that the legislators are telling me is, you can’t go into a meeting without her trying to run it,” says WVUA 23 Political Analyst Steve Flowers.

Governor Bentley adds, “Two years ago I made a mistake, I have rectified that, I have dealt with that and we have moved on.”
A Governor in the hot seat from a story that continues to heat up.

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