Salem Baptist Church

Reporting by WVUA 23’s Keldreck Conwell.

Gov. Kay Ivey visited Greensboro over the weekend to speak to residents as they celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Salem Missionary Baptist Church.

Members and former members of the church came to share the greatest moments they had within the church.

“This church is significant to me because it is on this very spot of ground that I was ordained in the Christian ministry in 1963 I served this church I have served this church for over 24 years,” said former pastor James C. Carter.

The church has meant a great deal to the Greensboro community over the years.

“It represents the faith and the fortitude of those who were the founders here those nine men who were trustees who were giving two thousand dollars to find a place to build a church this church bears the original name of the church in Greensboro downtown where the courthouse now stands,” Carter said.

The original Salem Baptist Church building was replaced by a courthouse, but the church built a new building on grounds close to the original. The change in buildings has not deterred the church from serving the community for 150 years.

‘Today is the 150th anniversary of the Salem Missionary Baptist Church,” Ivey said. “That’s a long time for a church to survive and thrive and it’s not because of the bricks and mortar but rather its because of all the people who continue to serve this church and carry on its mission.”

The church will continue to be an important fixture of Greensboro.

“I want the church to be a very positive force in the community in a spiritual aspect we are witnesses of souls for Christ and I want to still have the worship service of old but yet something new and reflective,” current pastor Kyle Horn said.

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