Got a parking ticket in Tuscaloosa? You can pay it off in school supplies next month

Parking Boots

Nobody likes getting a parking ticket, but the city of Tuscaloosa is making it easy to pay yours off and help local schools and students at the same time.

Beginning Monday, Aug. 7 and ending Sept. 1, anyone with a parking ticket from the city can pay off their fines with school supply donations.

Here’s how it works: An $18 overtime parking ticket can be paid with a donation of school supplies valued at $10. Supplies valued at $20 or more can be used to pay off two $18 parking tickets.

All donated supplies will be handed over to the Tuscaloosa City Board of Education and distributed to Tuscaloosa City Schools students in need.

If you don’t have your school supplies receipt handy, here’s how your donations will be valued:

  • Heavy duty backpacks: $10
  • Ream white copy paper: $4
  • Index cards:50 cents
  • Black or blue ink pen packs: $1
  • 16GB flash drive: $4
  • Scientific calculators: $9
  • 3-pack of erasers: $1.50
  • Standard or college-ruled paper packs: $1
  • College-ruled spiral notebooks:60 cents
  • Mechanical or No. 2 pencils: $1
  • Binder Pouches: $6
  • Clorox/Lysol wipe 3-packs: $6.50
  • 3-count highlighters: $2.10
  • 10-count highlighters: $6
  • Hand sanitizer: $2
  • Tissue boxes: $1.60
  • Binder divider packs: $1.50
  • Box of crayons: $3
  • Children’s scissors: $1.50

You can bring school supply donations to Tuscaloosa Municipal Court, 2122 Sixth St. in downtown Tuscaloosa between Aug. 7 and Sept. 1. Any questions? Call 311.

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