Going for a run or walk? Remember these safety tips

By WVUA 23 Student News Reporter Caleb Aguayo

Stepping out of the house for a walk or a run? At Wagner’s RunWalk, Northport Police Officer Victoria Smith offered safety tips this week on how you can burn calories while staying safe.

Cobra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu co-hosted the event and invited Smith to speak.

“We just moved here a couple of years ago from a small town in south Alabama, where safety was not as big of an issue as it is here in a larger city,” said local walker Jim Locklier.

Smith said preparation is important.

“We get news stories about runners being attacked, and many people don’t know what they would do if that were to happen to them,” Smith said. “You can and should defend yourself if you are attacked. It is, thankfully, very rare.”

Smith also has this advice for runners and walkers:

  1. Be aware that pepper spray can affect you as much as your attacker, especially in an enclosed space
  2. Be aware of your surroundings and those around you
  3. Always know where you are, where you’re heading and any nearby landmarks
  4. Consider using a GPS location tracker or ensure someone knows where you are in case you go missing or require emergency assistance
  5. If you are attacked, make plenty of noise and to fight back

Smith said unsolicited attacks are rare in Tuscaloosa.

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