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By WVUA 23 Reporter Ellie Byrd

The holidays are a great time of the year for many people, but those holiday memories come with a lot of effort. Dinners don’t cook themselves, decorations don’t magically crawl out of their boxes and onto the tree and shelves, and presents may not come home from the store already wrapped.

Thanksgiving is this week, and while the holiday brings people together, it also brings a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety. Sources can include hosting duties, unhappy memories, wrangling toxic relatives or shopping costs and cooking times.

The easiest way you can keep stress away is take some time for yourself. Do things that make you happy, and don’t focus on the small stuff that doesn’t matter. No one’s gonna look at the baseboards.

For families who can get combative around the dinner table, institute a no religion and no politics rule.

Keep hosting duties to a minimum by suggesting nearby hotels for overnight guests instead of offering up your home, or insist on a hotel if your destination comes with added stress from family members.

If there are newly empty seats at the table this year, take time to remember those relatives who passed away before the holidays.

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