Get vaccinated now if you want a COVID-protected Thanksgiving

Covid Masks

It won’t be long before the holiday season is in full swing, and if you want to celebrate as protected from COVID-19 as possible, get vaccinated now if you haven’t yet done so.

With only 44 days until Thanksgiving and 74 until Christmas, plenty of people are making their holiday plans after a homebound 2020.

Alabama Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris is warning those who have not been vaccinated that their time is running out if they are hoping to reach immunity by Thanksgiving.

“If you go and get vaccinated in the next week or so you will have time to be fully vaccinated before the Thanksgiving holidays,” Harris said. “Next week is pretty much the time you’ll need to do that to have the safest possible Thanksgiving.”

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines require a second dose about a month after the first, and the vaccine needs a few more weeks before you’re considered fully vaccinated, he said.

Harris said he expects the approval of a vaccine for children as young as 5 by early November.

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