Gerald Allen sums up 2023 legislative session

Tuesday was the last day of the 2023 Alabama legislative session in Montgomery.

WVUA 23 News spoke with State Sen. Gerald Allen of Tuscaloosa, who said he’s proud of this year’s record-breaking session.

“Of course the 2024 budget was record setting this year, the largest budget that we have passed in state history. The General Fund was $3 billion, increased for nearly all state agencies,” said Allen.

Alabama’s Education Trust Fund totals $8.8 billion and earmarks:

  • $5.9 billion for grades K-12
  • $2.4 billion toward colleges, universities and post-secondary education

“We created a $500 million educational opportunities reserve fund,” Allen said. “From that we gave tax rebate of $150 per person who files taxes. Money for career tech facilities and equipment upgrades, money for colleges and universities upgrades and capital improvements.”

Taxpayers can also expect to see more spending on infrastructure, health care and pay raises for teachers and state employees.

Allen said he’s disappointed the state failed to pass his sales tax bill aimed at Tuscaloosa County, which was filed after a controversial Feb. 14 vote on property tax increases for residents zoned for the Tuscaloosa County School System. That vote overwhelmingly failed.

Another of Allen’s bills proposed forming the Tuscaloosa metro area into a unified governmental body did not make it out of committee.

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