Gas station at McFarland and 15th has a cleanup deadline. Finally.

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Gracie Fusco

After being something of an eyesore for going on 12 years, the Quik Mart gas station at the intersection of McFarland Boulevard and 15th Street finally has a deadline for getting cleaned up or torn down by the city.

If the owner doesn’t clean up the property at their expense within 60 days, Tuscaloosa will demolish the building and bill the owner for the cost.

Like much of the area surrounding that intersection, the building was badly damaged during the April 27, 2011, tornado. Unlike the rest of the area surrounding that intersection, it still looks like it was badly damaged during the April 27, 2011, tornado.

“I remember I was around here when the tornado came down” said Northport resident Anna Wood. “The building is kind of a reminder as to what things looked like right after that happened.”

Many residents have gotten used to the building’s condition, sitting vacant and boarded up in front of Midtown Village’s parking lot for Chipotle, Five Guys and other shops.

“It’s been there for so long and it’s been so empty” said Rachel Banks, a Tuscaloosa resident. “I kind of forgot about it.”

After many legal battles with the city, the owner of the building listed the property for sale in December through Harwood Real Estate.

If you’re interested in picking up a small piece of prime Tuscaloosa real estate in major need of repairs, the lot is listed at $530,000.

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