Gas prices sink another 15 cents

Gas Pump

Gas prices in Alabama fell an average of 15.1 cents over the past week, bringing the state down to an average of $3.61 a gallon as of Monday, according to GasBuddy‘s survey of 3,358 gas stations in Alabama.

The prices in Alabama are 66 cents per gallon lower than last month but remain 77.2 cents higher than last year.

Nationally, the price of diesel has declined 13.1 cents, down to an average of $5.14 a gallon. The price of gasoline nationwide fell 15.8 cents per gallon, down to an average of $4.01.

“The national average is poised to fall back under $4 per gallon as early as today as we see the decline in gas prices enter its eighth straight week,” said GasBuddy Head of Petroleum Analysis Patrick De Haan. “While I’m upbeat the drop can continue for another couple weeks, we’re starting to see some activity in the tropics, which may increase the risk of potential disruption.”

According to GasBuddy’s reports:

  • The cheapest station in Alabama was $3.08 a gallon as of Sunday
  • The most expensive station in Alabama was $4.49 a gallon as of Sunday

Around Tuscaloosa, you can get gas as low as $3.25. Check out where right here.

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