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gas prices

Reported by WVUA 23 Reporter Lacey Beasley

Gas prices are up 10 cents per gallon, which is 27 cents more than last month.

Unfortunately, those gas prices will continue to increase along with oil prices, which have gone up to $13 per barrel since the end of December.

Gas Buddy, an app that shows consumers the cheapest place to get gas within a certain mile radius, helps saves people money every day. Patrick Dehaan, head of petroleum analysis for Gas Buddy, said there are many ways drivers can find the lowest gas prices in their area as gas prices begin to increase.

“We’re also contending with refinery maintenance, which is ongoing,” Dehaan said. “During maintenance season, refineries are processing less oil, that means we get less gasoline.”

Using the Gas Buddy app could save consumer hundreds of dollars throughout the year, especially when you’re on the road for spring break this upcoming week.

“Motorists are empowered by using a tool like Gas Buddy, which shows gas prices at stations across all 50 states,” Dehaan said. “Our free app is something that they can download to find the cheapest gas near them, even if they are hitting the road.”

Dehaan also said that since prices are continuing to increase, filling up your tank this week can also help you save money.

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