Gas prices fall another 12.6 cents over past week

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Gas prices continued falling last week, as Alabama’s average is down to $4.25 a gallon on Monday — and much cheaper in many parts of the state including in West Alabama.

That’s a 12.6-cent drop, according to GasBuddy‘s survey of 3,348 stations across the state.

Prices are 36.4 cents cheaper than this time last month, but $1.44 a gallon higher than this time last year.

“The national average has declined for 27 days straight, or four weeks, the longest decline in average gas prices since the pandemic started in 2020,” said GasBuddy Head of Petroleum Analysis Patrick DeHaan. “Average gas prices are down nearly 40 cents, with Americans shelling out $140 million less on gasoline every day than they did a month ago.”

The national average for diesel dropped 8.5 cents to an average of $5.65 a gallon.

According to GasBuddy price reports, the cheapest station in Alabama was priced at $3.74 a gallon on Sunday, while the most expensive was $4.99 a gallon. That’s a whopping difference of $1.25 a gallon.

Meanwhile, the national average fell 12.8 cents, down to an average of $4.66.

“We’re not completely out of the woods yet,” DeHaan said. “We could also see a sharp reversal in the decline. There remains risk of a spike in prices that could send us to new record levels in August. It could be a wild ride, but for now the plummet at the pump shall continue.”

Around Tuscaloosa, you can get gas as low as $3.84. Check out where right here.

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