Gas, food, cigs: Prices increasing across the board

West Alabama Food Bank


By WVUA 23 News Reporter Mackenzie Wanicka 

If you’re buying it, it’s probably more expensive. 

Meat, vegetables, cigarettes and toiletries are just some of the item’s shoppers are seeing a larger purchase price on. 

Jacob King, the third-generation operator of Mark’s Mart in Northport, said there’s been a big change in pricing on certain items going back to the beginning of COVID. 

“Across the board as far as food goes, some of the protein like chicken and beef, we’ve experienced probably almost 100% increase since the start of COVID,” King said.

Most distribution centers are facing issues getting workers who can get products packed up and on their way, and the transportation industry isn’t faring much better.

Plenty of consumers are finding themselves adjusting their buying habits because they can’t afford their entire shopping list anymore.

“It’s kind of a shock to some people when they come to buy the same steak they were buying and it’s $7 or $8 more,” King said. 

Smokers have it even worse.

Texaco Manager Gabriel Saleh said because cigarette prices are increasing so fast, smokers are finding cheaper ways for their fix.

“We’re not selling as many cigarettes as we used to be and we’re selling more and more vapes,” Saleh said. “So if the prices keep going up, we’re not going to be selling cigarettes at all.”

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