Galentine’s Day: the perfect way to celebrate friendship

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By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Giselle Hood

Valentine’s Day is more than just the most romantic day of the year. Feb. 13 is also known as Galentine’s Day, a holiday for celebrating the friendships in your life. Whether you’re going out or staying in, there’s plenty to get excited about.

“I’m going to a date party with my friend, which should be pretty cool,” Emory Spector said. “It’s Valentine’s themed, so I’m sure I’ll just be wearing pink and red and stuff like that. It’s at the house, so it’ll be pretty cute.”

“We’ll just be taking taking pictures, hanging out, eating food,” Aji Cessay added. “We have some TikToks we’re going to make, too.”

Galentine’s Day was first created 15 years ago in Season 2 of the popular sitcom “Parks and Recreation.”

But it has since developed into a nationwide celebration. The holiday is not only an opportunity for single girls to enjoy Valentine’s Day, but it’s also a time for celebrating self-love and platonic friendships through all kinds of fun activities.

“Galentine’s is for everybody. You don’t need a man to have fun at all,” Tae-Lor Sterling said. “You can do your own thing!  Y’all can go get your nails done, make cookies, take pictures. You don’t need a man for anything when you’ve got your friends and your sisters.”

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