Future Marine officers get muddy in weekend training event

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Asher Redd

The Marines in Tuscaloosa are getting their future officers ready for leadership, and sometimes that means crawling through a mess of mud at Sokol Park over the weekend.

Training included navigating through a physically grueling obstacle course and leadership talks, but rank promotions were also doled out during the event.

Col. Lance Langfeldt said Marine Officers are expected to perform to a high caliber.

“One of these vehicles we have to test that is this obstacle course out here they’re running today,” Langfeldt said.

The Marines are known for their discipline and tough conditioning, and future Marine officer Kate Kassel said she’s developing the skills she needs to keep pushing forward.

Right now, celebrating the little victories is enough to keep her goals attainable.

“When you come to one of those roadblocks, you’re usually faced with two roads,” Langfeldt said. “You can fight through that roadblock and come out the other side a better person or a better leader, or you can allow it to stop you and just quit.”

Future Marine officer Chance Chapman said the end result is worth all the pain.

“Leading Marines is probably one of the greatest honors you can have,” Chapman said.

Most of the Marines training at this event will be shipped to boot camp this summer.

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