Funeral Home

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases increases, many states are suggesting residents stay home, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are recommending gatherings larger than 25 people be canceled.

Those rules mean funeral homes are changing up their services so family and friends can mourn their loved ones without potentially getting ill, said Van Hoose and Steele Funeral Home Co-Owner Danny Steele.

“Here we’re following the guidelines of the Alabama Department of Public Health and the governor, meaning gatherings of no more than 25 people and maintaining a 6-foot separation space,” Steele said.

Limousines for the funeral procession generally hold up to eight people, but those are being pushed by the wayside at the moment.

“If we use the limousines, we cannot maintain that 6-foot space,” Steele said. “So I talked to another funeral home director, and we both agree that right now we should stop using the limousine service because people are in too close contact.”

Steele said funeral services themselves are adapting quickly for smaller gatherings, including graveside services.

“If we can maintain the 25-person maximum including the minister, funeral director and the family, we can do a traditional service,” Steele said.

His funeral home is giving a family 25 invitations for a funeral, and invitations must be presented for admittance.

Cemetery owners are following the state guidelines, too, Steele said.

Most modern funeral homes offer live streaming services so anyone can watch the services for free at the time of service from home.

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