For many, the best part about the holiday season is spending time with loved ones. Although lets be honest, the food’s also a pretty nice perk.

But what if your Thanksgiving feast went up in flames because you tried frying a frozen turkey or wandered out of the kitchen for a break and forgot to set the timer?

Northport Fire Rescue not only told us, but showed us how quickly this can happen.

It was all part of their annual “turkey fry gone wrong” demonstration.

The idea? To show you what not to do this Thanksgiving. What you should do is fry the turkey outdoors and never leave the fryer unattended.Firefighters recommend keeping a fire extinguisher on hand and to make sure the turkey is completely thawed before frying it.

If you don’t, this could be a Thanksgiving you won’t want to remember.

“It can ruin your Thanksgiving holidays,” Captain Roger Potter with Northport Fire Rescue told WVUA 23.  “It can send you to the hospital or even take your family members. Nobody wants to eat a scorched turkey. Northport Fire Rescue also wanted to remind everybody to keep kids away from it,” Potter said.

Captain Potter told WVUA 23 the number of turkey frying fire calls they receive has gone down drastically since they started doing these demonstrations.

In 2017, fire services responded to at least 1,600 cooking related fire calls on Thanksgiving day across the country.

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