Four water stations set up as residents have no water in Hale

Several residents in Hale County are upset due to no running water in their homes for the past few days, including Christmas.

Many people said they have tried to contact their water supplier Clear Water Services for answers. The residents had no luck getting any updates.

Linda McCruter lives in Sawyerville with her sick husband whom she takes care of everyday. One of her main concerns is the inability to properly sanitize her home and hands while there is no access to water in her home.

“No water still… and it’s Monday. My neighbor said she called down there to the water people wanting to know if they were working on the water today. Well, ain’t nobody gone work on no water today or tomorrow. There is a possibility we might not have water until Wednesday. That’s just unacceptable,” said McCruter.

Vera Hopson also lives in Hale County. She has been without water since Friday. Not having running water has severely impacted her Christmas.

“I haven’t had water, been going to neighbors houses, like in Sawyerville, to take a bath. I have a grandbaby. We all got to take baths,” said Hopson.

Chip Taylor called the water company for the past few days with no clear answer. At one point Taylor was left on hold for more than 20 minutes waiting for anyone at the company to respond.

“Somebody at the company should answer the phone and say ‘here’s the situation’. Here’s where you need to go to get some portable water. How are people going to know where to go if you call the company and all you get is put on hold,” said Taylor.

Hale County Probate Judge Arthur Crawford said they cannot state exactly when the water problem will be fixed but for now they will keep passing out bottles of water while crews are out working to identify and fix the issue.

Water stations are set up at:

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