Former co-workers remember fallen officer Garrett Crumby

Hearts are still hurting all around the state after Huntsville Police Officer Garrett Crumby was shot and killed in the line of duty, in Tuscaloosa County. Crumby and fellow HPD officer Albert Morin arrived on the scene Tuesday night to find a woman who shot.

Police say the suspect, 24-year-old Juan Robert Laws, opened fire on the officers, killing Crumby and injuring Morin.

“It’s a senseless murder on Officer Crumby and the other officer who was shot,” Tuscaloosa Police Chief Brent Blankley said. “I have no issue saying that I hope the guy gets the death penalty and dies in prison.

“When he resided in Tuscaloosa County, Crumby was a Tuscaloosa Police Officer and Englewood-Hulls Volunteer Firefighter.

“Once you are part of this family, you are always a part of this family,” Blankley said. “We understand what their department is going through ”

“Garrett was a good guy,” Englewood-Hulls Volunteer Fire Department Chief said. “He was easy to work with. He was always willing to help you when you needed something to get done. He was always laughing and cutting up. He was good to be around.”

As soon as Tuscaloosa Police Chief Brent Blankley got word of Crumby’s death, he and his assistant chief immediately traveled to Huntsville to be with their fallen brother’s family.

“We love our profession,” Blankley said. “Even when it’s hard and we have bad times in our country that we don’t feel supported. We still come and do our jobs every day and officer Crumby did the same thing. I was looking back through my email and his last email said stay safe, watch your 6 when he was going to Huntsville. All officers in the department, we all have stories. You cherish those stories a lot more now knowing that he is gone than when he was here because you sit back and think that could be any of us. We just all reflect on our own lives and just hope his family is dealing with it the best they can and letting them know that hey we are here for support.”

Officer Albert Morin is still listed in critical condition.
Police say the woman who was shot will be OK.

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