Flooding 3

flooding 3

Flood waters rose another inch and a half in Greene County Wednesday night, creeping into homes, cars and neighborhoods along the Black Warrior River.

In Forkland’s McCrory Village, everything is nearly underwater. Property owners are stuck getting in and out via boat unless they have another place to stay while the water is still high. In all, 42 families were affected by the flooding.

Keri Moore and her family are sticking it out at their home, saying they haven’t lost anything yet. But if the rain keeps coming and the water keeps rising, it might be inevitable. Moore said she’s praising her good neighbors and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office for keeping an eye on their neighborhood.

flooding 2

“I know they have been patrolling the area just to make sure people aren’t coming in and preying on people while they are at their weakest, because sometimes people prey on those who are in the roughest times,” she said. “So we are thankful that they are coming through and checking on things and making sure our things are safe and secure, that everyone is taken care of and they’re helping out as much as they can when they can.”

Residents said this is the highest they’ve seen the Black Warrior in nearly 20 years.

flooding 2

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