Alabama Steel

TUSCALOOSA — The Alabama Steel is a semi professional team based in Tuscaloosa that gives former athletes a second chance at playing the game they love:but for players like quarterback Jacob Thomas a second chance on the gridiron is a second chance at life.

“I lived a good part of my life without Jesus being first and football was and now its flipped and my life is so much better.” said Thomas

Founder Jeffrey eiland… started the team as a faith based organization to help build skills both on and off the field.

“Our faith has everything to do with it god gave us the talent to come out here and play, he gave us all this.” said Eiland

And the steel have come a long way. From a group of 15 misfits with a love for football into a family of 50.

“We went through some like trials and tribulations but this year it just feels like it came together as a family.” said Alabama Steel wide receiver Braylan Smith

The steel played their first game on March 2nd, and from the opening kick they were ready to eat.

“Everybody got touches, everybody was in the rhythm of the game and it’s just a family and I’m glad everybody got to eat today.” said Thomas

When the dust settled the steel were victorious 50-6 over the Alabama Rams but for Eiland seeing his guys back on the field was the biggest victory of the day.  

“This is my paycheck to come out here and see these guys grow everyday, every second of the day see them succeed in life.” said Eiland.

The Steel’s next game will be on the road in Birmingham against the Alabama Sabers on March 9th.

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