Forensic investigations unit gets grant from Alabama

Solving crimes across Alabama is getting a little easier, thanks to a grant from Gov. Kay Ivey. 

The $150,000 grant will help the University of Alabama Police Department buy newer equipment for its digital forensics and intelligence lab. 

The police department provides digital forensic services to local, county, and state law enforcement agencies throughout Alabama. 

UAPD’s Digital Intelligence Unit will use the grant funding for newer equipment and expand their services statewide.

This department works with law enforcement officers throughout the state helping to solve major crimes including homicide, drug cases and crimes against children.

“The equipment upgrade with this grant will help the UA forensics unit process crime evidence at a much faster rate, resulting in more productive investigations and convictions,” Ivey said.

“We are helping those investigators at the local agencies get to that evidence really quick. Get on to the next thing and be filing search warrants, be doing interviews. Should help them get their cases solved and help their victims out faster,” said Forensic Investigator Holly Kennedy. 

 This unit conducted more than 2,000 forensic investigations involving more than 1,000 criminal cases since 2014 when it was created from seed money from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs. 

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