Health professionals have stressed how much more susceptible senior citizens and those with weakened immune systems are to COVID-19, but one group of people are also facing a particularly hard time during the pandemic.

When it comes to pregnant people, health professionals recommend not letting the fear of contracting the virus stray expectant parents away from maintaining their prenatal care. Pregnant people should consult with their doctors and go by the recommendations given to them.

Interim chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. John McDonald, said delivery will look very different for pregnant patients who are infected with COVID-19.

“(They would) probably be put on isolation precautions, and that would mean probably no visitors,” McDonald said. “Doctors will be wearing personal protective equipment and I know that’s unsettling to a pregnant lady who’s in labor but it’s really for everybody’s protection, including the patient.”

When the baby is born, they would most likely be separated from the mother until she’s free of the virus, McDonald said.

If you are expecting and have questions relating to your pregnancy during the coronavirus pandemic, please contact your ob-gyn.

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