Heat Story

Bryant-denny stadium

Reporting by WVUA 23’s Julia Smith

Alabama is back on top, rising the AP Poll ranks to No. 1 after beating the Ole Miss Rebels 59-31 on Sept. 28. To continue with the good news, fans are beating the heat better, too.

“Temperatures were a little bit cooler but the University was more prepared to cool fans down,” Tuscaloosa Fire Department chief Randy Smith said.

Although the Ole Miss game was cooler than the Sept. 7 New Mexico State game, temperatures remained at dangerous levels throughout the afternoon.

After adding more cooling stations and educating staff members on how to help those affected by the heat, Smith said the department received fewer calls on the day of the game.

According to the fire department’s records:

New Mexico State Game (Sept. 7):

  • 150 patient contacts
  • 107 dispatches

Ole Miss Game (Sept. 28):

  • 78 calls
  • 19 dispatches

In order to stay safe during the extreme heat, Smith offered some advice.

”Wear light colored and lightweight clothing and drink plenty of water,” he said.

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