By: Olivia Whitmire

The mother of a fourth-grader that was nearly abduction used the words uncomfortable, shocking, and devastating when recalling the event.

The nine-year-old boy was waiting at his bus stop outside of his house Thursday morning when he was approached by a man in a white SUV.

“He pulled up behind my car, got out of his car and walked up here on my porch to tell me that he was going to take my baby to school,” the mother said.

The attempted abduction took place on 11th Street, near Lurleen Wallace Boulevard, which is a very public, residential community. Teaching children how to react in these situations will help keep them safe. Luckily, the boy knew exactly what to do.

“We start training our kids on what to do, not to talk to strangers, how to walk away, get enough information of the identity of the person as possible so that you can relay that information to a parent or to a school official so they can alert police and we can get on it as soon as possible,” said Tuscaloosa Police Llieutenant Teena Richardson.

“Before you go anywhere, accept anything, or do anything from anybody you need to have permission first, and so that’s a talk parents should have with their children,” said Lisa Maddox, executive director of Child Abuse Prevention Services. “If I’m gonna change your way to get home, I will notify you and you don’t go with anybody until I have notified you.”

Fortunately, this child is safe, but his mother wants everyone to remember that this could happen to you.

“I’m just hoping people will be more wise and safe cause a lot of people feel like oh that’s strange that doesn’t sound real,” the mother said. “A lot of things people do in the world don’t seem real but they’re doing it.”

As the suspect was driving away, the mother took the picture shown below. He was driving a small, white SUV without Alabama state tags. If you have any information on who this man is, please contact Tuscaloosa Police at 205-349-2121.

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