Flu is on the rise, but COVID numbers hold steady

Over at DCH Health System, VP of Marketing and Communications Andy North said they’ve seen rising numbers of flu cases.

“Many of those flu cases are severe enough that they need hospitalizations,” North said.

COVID numbers, on the other hand, are remaining steady at around 10 or fewer.

“That’s a positive for us because we have fewer of those patients that our staff are needing to treat in a special way where they are needing to grow up, etc, ” North said. “That’s a positive for us. That is a positive for the community.”

North said although COVID and the flu are certainly not the same, there are things you can do to cut down on your chances of coming down with either.

“Certainly if you are wearing masks, you are washing your hands more, that is going to reduce the spread of these kinds of viruses,” North said. “We still encourage people to wash their hands. If you see someone who is sick, keep your distance from that individual. If you feel like you are at risk, probably still wear a mask. All these things are common sense things that you should be doing to avoid getting sick especially if you are at a higher risk of getting sick because of your personal health situation.”

Being in the middle of the holiday season in a college town where thousands of students have just returned from Thanksgiving break and will soon be departing again for Christmas, we caught up with some University of Alabama students who told us what they do to make sure they don’t bring home any uninvited seasonal illnesses.

“I do routine checks,” UA graduate student Farrah Sanders said. “I keep COVID tests at home. I monitor how I feel every morning. I try to make sure that I am eating right as well. Keeping my immune system up so when I go home and see my family..I try to keep my masks and try to monitor where I go.”

“Taking a lot of vitamins,” a freshman from Florence, Alabama said. “Going to the doctor and making sure I am updated with everything is really a good thing because I have two brothers back at home so taking vitamins and staying safe down here is really important to me so I won’t go home and take it to them so they don’t get sick.”

DCH Health System is no longer updating its COVID- 9 dashboard and is only releasing numbers by request.


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