Flowers takes Democratic nomination for governor

Flowers Wins Governors Race

Yolanda Flowers has won the Democratic nomination for the 2022 gubernatorial race.

Flowers worked in education for 20 years, influencing much of her platform. She wants reform in education, focusing on bettering public schools with better-trained teachers and desegregating schools.

Additionally, she presented her Reconstructed Healthcare Plan Options, which she says will benefit working class and elderly citizens, as well as small businesses. Flowers also advocates for criminal justice reform to lower the number of incarcerated people in the state. She has a strong Christian message, and references the Bible as her inspiration for her campaign. For more information, visit their website.

Flowers will go on to face Republican Gov. Kay Ivey and Libertarian candidate Dr. James “Jimmy” Blake.

Democratic Primary Runoff – Alabama Governor

The Democratic Primary Runoff candidates in the Alabama Governor's race.

  • Yolanda Rochelle Flowers WinnerD 63.4%
  • Malika Sanders Fortier  D 36.6%
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