Florida fight over ‘baby boxes’ part of bigger culture war

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The Associated Press

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) – A fight is developing in Florida’s legislature over a measure that would allow fire stations and hospitals to install boxes where distressed mothers could leave their unwanted newborns.

The Indiana-based group Safe Haven Baby Boxes is pushing the measure. It passed the House recently and is now before the Senate, where there is an attempt to block it.

The group says the boxes would give an extra layer of anonymity to mothers who desire it, but no agency would be required to install them.

Florida already allows parents to hand over newborns to firefighters and hospital workers.

Opponents say the law works as it is, and that the boxes are costly and dangerous. The vote may happen this week.

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4/11/2023 1:43:53 PM (GMT -5:00)

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