Flash floods after area storms


With tornadoes in surrounding areas, flash flooding developed in Tuscaloosa Wednesday evening from heavy rainfall.

The traffic was steady at 15th Street and Hackberry Lane, but drivers had to navigate flooding in the area.

At the entrance of of Checkers fast food restaurant, the drive-thru lanes were barely visibly due to flooding and lack of drainage.

This is popular street, and a lot of people use this road when they are leaving work. Drivers were being encouraged to drive slow, turn on their headlights, and try to stay in the center of the lane.

Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency Deputy Director Tamara Croom said it is best to avoid driving through areas that are flooded.

“Unfortunately, people learn that the hard way. I can not recommend enough to remember the power of water and the force of water. Just six inches of rain can basically push a car along,” said Croom.

EMA stated as of Wednesday evening, the only area reported flooded was Old Fayette Road.


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