Tuscaloosa County’s first responders continue improving the skills they’ll need to save lives in the field.

Today, area services including Northport Fire and Rescue, Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue, and the Tuscaloosa Emergency Management Agency were training for chemical spills.

The training simulated chlorine cylinder leaks and smoky situations. Rescuers’ job? Save the victims, stop the leak.

Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Jason Norris said it’s a niche skill, but it’s still important.

“We hope they’re skills we never have to use,” he said. “But it is good to get here and work with the other agencies to work in partnership to get the job done.”

Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Quinton Brown agreed.

“When we have an opportunity to do a more realistic-type training, especially on a joint situation with a neighboring department, it helps everybody,” he said.

The exercise also included practicing decontamination maneuvers for those who were in the building.

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