Fired probation officer facing more sex charges

A former Tuscaloosa County probation officer is back in jail.

Jeremy Damon Hall was arrested in August on charges of having sex with someone who was on probation or parole.

Now he’s facing more of the same charges.

After his first arrest, Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit investigators began searching for other people who were supervised by hall and were coerced or otherwise convinced to have sex with him.

“We have located multiple other victims of Mr. Hall who used his position to convince or otherwise coerce female parolees or probationers to engage in sexual acts with him,” said Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit Commander Capt. Jack Kennedy.

To be exact, four more victims came forward, and Hall was charged with six additional custodial sexual misconduct charges.

Kennedy said there could be even more victims out there.

“We still strongly encourage anyone to who was propositioned, threatened, suggested, coerced, or otherwise convinced in any way to engage with Mr. Hall or any other police officer, probation officer, or state officer of any sort of unwanted sexual relationship to please contact us,” Kennedy said.

Hall declined to comment as he was being escorted to jail.

The Violent Crimes Unit is tasked with investigating cases involving law enforcement officers. Kennedy said these cases are treated no differently.

“It is heartbreaking is what it is,” Kennedy said. “But again, this man committed a crime and all of us are in the job. That is what we get paid to do is to professionally investigate and bring criminals to justice in our court system as part of our democracy. It is heartbreaking, but we do not work these cases regularly here. Some are minor and some like this one we believe are very major.”

Hall remains in the Tuscaloosa County Jail on a $90,000 bond.

Kennedy said the Tuscaloosa County District Attorney’s Office created a list of conditions Hall must abide by if he posts his bail, including wearing an ankle monitor.

VCU investigators can be reached at 205-464-8690.

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