By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Jack Royer, compiled for Web by Web Writer Parker Jamerson

CARBON HILL – The Nauvoo Church of God is coming together after an electrical fire burned through the main building earlier this week.

The Rev. Joey Vick has led his Walker County church for eight years. He said he received a call at 8:41 a.m. Tuesday with the news.

“We’re sad because we lost our building,” Vick said. “But we’re happy that we’re going to be able to rebuild and continue the work, and be better than ever.”

The fire was minutes away from destroying the church’s life center, which is used for church functions outside of the sanctuary and where the church will hold worship for the time being.

On Wednesday night, as the Walker County wind picked up and smoke still billowed through what’s left of the structure, some of the church’s more than 200 members gathered in the life center for a prayer.

“We’re going to take it slow, we’re going to listen to God, and we’re going to move in a direction that God leads us in,” Vick said.

Still, 48 hours after the fire, nothing has extinguished the faith that members of this church say will carry them through it all.

“We’re expecting something great to happen out of this,” said the Rev. Johnny Sims “And the church is going to pull together, we’re going to bounce back, with more excitement and enthusiasm, do a greater work for the lord, that we’ve ever done before.”

Fire destroyed their sanctuary, but didn’t affect this church’s spirit. Instead, it sparked a new beginning for a Walker County church with a faith that burns on.

For additional information on what you can do to help or how to donate you can contact the Nauvoo Church of God at 205-924-9136 or visit their website HERE.

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