Fire caused by lighting a stark reminder of storm’s power


A flash of lighting during a heavy thunderstorm just after midnight Wednesday started a rooftop fire at a home in Tuscaloosa County.

The home on Old Greensboro Road suffered major roof damage, but all the occupants made it out safely.

Holly Whigham with Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue said the potential for a fire is just one more thing people should keep in mind when storms strike. 

“It is important to remember that if you hear thunder, you are within striking distance of lightning,” Whigham said. “You want to make sure that you get indoors. Stay away from windows and metal objects. Make sure your computers are unplugged. Just simple things like that.”

Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue, Englewood Hulls Volunteer Fire Department and Moundville Volunteer Fire Department responded to the blaze. 

If you live in the city of Tuscaloosa and need to get your smoke alarm installed or inspected, you can call Tuscaloosa 311, a free service for Tuscaloosa residents. If you’re outside Tuscaloosa, contact your local fire department. 

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