Feeling insecure about safety around town? Self-defense training can help

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Olivia Pahl

University of Alabama students and Tuscaloosans alike are on high alert after five reported robberies on and near campus in less than a week.

Several UA students said that while they normally feel safe around campus, they never walk alone at night. When doing so is unavoidable, UA sophomore Sarah Marker follows this tip.

“If I do have to, I’ll definitely call a friend while I’m walking just to feel like I’m with someone else even if I don’t have anyone next to me,” Marker said.

UA senior Chet Wiltshire said the University of Alabama Police Department does a great job of keeping students, faculty and staff informed and safe.

“It’s unfortunate what’s happened, but we also definitely get updates from campus whenever incidents do occur,” Wiltshire said. “We’re informed about where they’re happening and if there’s a description, who to look for.

If you’re ever in a dangerous situation, the best tip is also the easiest, said American Top Team Co-Head MMA Trainer Moises Carrasco.

“Get away,” he said. “It’s the best way. Get away and find help.”

If a potential assailant gets in too close, that’s when self-defense training comes in handy. American Top Team Co-Head MMA Trainer Carlos Andres said preparing for these potential situations is vital.

“Get involved with the self-defense community,” Andres said. “That’s the best way to learn. Get on the internet, look up self-defense.”

You can learn more about American Top Team right here. The Tuscaloosa Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies regularly offer self-defense classes, as do other gyms and fitness centers.

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